Caesarea Real Estate

Property Details

Lot Size:
1,014    Square Meters / 10,915 Square Feet

Built House Size:
515.6   Square Meters / 5,550 Square Feet

Front Garden: Approach to house is paved with Hebron Pink natural cut stone, two steps up lead to custom designed wrought iron gates and a patio with accommodation for fish/lily pond. Front yard is divided to two sections, grass filled, bordered with Carissa plants (evergreen with crimson colored fruit) and a Feijoia tree centered on each side, flanking the windows of the house.
North Side Garden: Fig Tree, Quince Tree, Loquat Tree, Mango Tree, Berry Bushes, Gardenia Bush, Wisteria Bush – All blooming!
Side Side Garden:    Romantic Garden Hideaway with sculpted gravel section, herb garden, kumquat trees, grape vines, lemon tree & lime tree (year-round fruit bearing)
Back Garden:  Expansive garden bordered with pomegranate, frangipani & olive trees, year-round flowering plants, and THE most exquisite view of the 18-hole golf course. Salt-cleaned pool is perfect for swimming, diving and doing laps sized at 4m x 14m /13′ x 46′. Center section is tiled with rough surfaced marble (as interior of house) with a large section for dining and lounge seating.

Quiet Cul-de-Sac, only 5 houses on block (both sides combined)