Caesarea Real Estate

His & Her Bathrooms by Anne Kleinberg

Want to know one of the secrets of a marriage surviving?

Separate bathrooms!

It won’t always help – it didn’t in my case – but for while it lasts, it’s so worth it.

Just think – you, the woman, want to spread out your toiletries, your perfumes, your combs & brushes. And you don’t want your man telling you to move your stuff, it’s in his way. And you the guy – you sure don’t want your one or two bottles of bathroom stuff to be mixed in with all her stuff. There’s only one solution – separate rooms!

A woman wants to take her time, relax a bit, spend time fussing with her makeup. A man is often in a hurry, or the opposite – he can take a ridiculous amount of time in the shower not only steaming up the room, but blocking out anyone else who might need to get in there. So why argue? Do what you can to use separate rooms. The woman should get the room attached to the bedroom – it’s just more polite that way. So what if the guy’s WC is down the hall, or even down the stairs? He gets his own room, can stay in there as long as he wants, mess it up as much as he wants, and doesn’t have to listen to complaints from the person he has to share it with.

Makes sense, no?

This villa, in Caesarea Real Estate offers just that! Her bathroom, an exquisitely deigned room of cream colored marble, windows flanking the custom built-in bathtub, stall shower with jet sprays, beautiful lacquered cabinetry, a huge mirror and plenty of shelves and drawers. Anything missing?

His? Long marble counter, cream colored toilet and matching sink and a stall shower with lots of individual controls and additional lights (waterproof of course) above.

Just like every other room in this villa of Caesarea Real Estate, these two rooms have been thoughtfully planned for the complete comfort of their users.