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Caesarea in The New York Times

We made it into the New York Times! And that’s not a small thing.

The travel section of The New York Times (January 12, 2020) added Caesarea to its list of “52 Places To Go In 2020,

We couldn’t agree more! Caesarea is a jewel on the Mediterranean. Sparkling blue waters, washing up against a sandy white shoreline, under the watching eye of the remainder of the ancient harbor. Just imagine – you’re sitting at one of the local restaurants, sipping a glass of Cava, watching the waves crash up against the shore, and you’re exactly in the place where someone may have been sitting a mere two thousand years ago.

It doesn’t seem real! But it is.

A visit to the Caesarea Harbor is a must for any tourist arriving in Israel. That’s what the experts at The New York Times thinks and we at Caesarea Real Estate agree!